Commercial-scale Cultivation
of Sweet Lupin in Canada

Wildrose Commodities is the lupin production arm of Koralta Agri-Business Inc, the parent company.

Our mission is to develop the lupin market in Canada with the intention to export lupin and other food and feed commodities to South Korea and other Asian countries.

There has been extensive research in Alberta on lupin over many years by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry researchers and their partners which has confirmed lupins can be successfully grown in Alberta and new research in other provinces. There is increasing demand for plant protein and lupin has the highest protein content versus other pulse crops such as field peas, lentils and faba beans.

Se Hong Park, CEO of Koralta Agri, is excited about the potential to develop this new crop for Canada and through his contacts in South Korea and other Asian countries. Koralta Agri has an export market for lupin once Wildrose reaches commercial levels of production. Future plans will also include a processing and fractionation plant in Alberta. Fractionation has tremendous potential for use in pet food, cosmetics and for human consumption.